Thursday, August 23, 2007

NRO's Kathryn Jean Lopez: "Something to love John McCain for".

On Monday, August 20, Kathryn Jean Lopez of National Review Online's "The Corner" had this concise praise of Senator McCain:

Something to Love John McCain for [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

His upcoming "No Surrender" tour. (P.S. to Jim Geraghty: Yes, Gen. Petraeus on the Hill on 9/11 tracks with what a number of NR-ers have been told.)

08/20 12:02 PM

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Official statement from McCain per Hillary Clinton's statements on Iraq

Here is the text of an e-mail sent out by the official McCain campaign on Thursday afternoon, August 23, regarding statements made by Senator Hillary Clinton on Iraq:

ARLINGTON, VA - U.S. Senator John McCain issued the
following statement today:


"On Monday, Senator Clinton told an audience at the Veterans of Foreign Wars that the surge of troops in Iraq was 'working.' Now, after taking heat from anti-war activists and her primary opponents, Senator Clinton says the surge 'has failed' and thatwe should 'begin the immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops.'

"The fact that the New York senator can reverse her position on an issue of grave importance to our national security in a few days sends the wrong signal to our enemies in Iraq and our own troops on the ground. We must continue to support General Petraeus and the new counterinsurgency campaign to give us the best chance to succeed. Following the path to begin an 'immediate withdrawal' would be a grave

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Nashua Telegraph: "McCain has national answer for local issue" while getting ice cream

On Friday, August 10, the Nashua Telegraph published this story, regarding Senator McCain's visit to New Hampshire that weekend - here are key excerpts:

McCain has national answer for local issue

By Eileen Hynes
Telegraph Staff

MERRIMACK – After a long day on the campaign trail, Sen. John McCain did as many locals do – he treated himself to an ice cream at King Kone.

“I can tell you, King Kone has earned its name,” the Arizona Republican joked, marveling at the towering medium, orange-flavored soft-serve in his hand.

Before earning his dessert, though, McCain faced more than 250 New Hampshire voters in a Town Hall meeting at the John O’Leary Adult Community Center on Thursday night.
Though some audience members had supported the senator’s presidential run eight years ago, many were still undecided and shopping around for a candidate.

Leslie Doughty of Merrimack, who worked on McCain’s campaign in 2000, but acknowledged that the issues have changed since then, and she remained undecided. “I pay attention to polls and who has money and who doesn’t have the money,” she said.

Recently, McCain has dipped in donations and support, but he remains optimistic about appealing to voters.

“In fact, if the Republicans don’t back him, then I’m voting for a Democrat. It’s as simple as that,” said Claire Seusing of Nashua, who considers herself an independent.

In his opening comments, McCain highlighted stopping pork barrel Congressional spending, protecting eminent domain and taking the entire Middle East situation into consideration when developing a policy on Iraq...

In the end, McCain weighed in on the status of the primary, saying that he wouldn’t visit a state that moved their primary ahead of New Hampshire with the exception of the Iowa caucus.

“We have a very unique electorate here, people who understand their responsibilities and examine the candidates in the most thorough fashion,” he said.

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