Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Politico's Vogel: "McCain qualifies for public funds"

On Tuesday, August 28, The Politico’s Kenneth P. Vogel published an article in which he noted that Senator McCain’s campaign had successfully applied for public matching funds. Since it is an issue of paramount importance to the campaign, here is the text. Campaignia will offer some analysis in subsequent posts.

McCain qualifies for public funds

John McCain on Tuesday became the first 2008 presidential candidate to be
found eligible to receive taxpayer dollars for the primary election.

McCain’s application and qualification for the funds are likely to be interpreted by opponents as a sign of desperation, even though it does not lock him into the public financing system.
The Arizona senator has lagged behind the Republican front-runners in the polls and in fundraising. Participating in the public financing system would allow him to get an infusion of loans by borrowing against the promise of taxpayer dollars.

But the system is a trade-off, since it would also cap at about $50 million the amount of cash his campaign can spend during the primary – a limitation that would go into effect immediately.

The leading contenders for the nomination will likely quickly eclipse that level of spending, potentially putting McCain at a distinct disadvantage in early states.
McCain spent $21.9 million in the first six months of the year, according to a report he filed in July with the FEC. It showed he brought in $24.8 million, and racked up $1.8 million in debt. The matching public funds would be provided starting in January, but McCain, once considered the leading candidate for the GOP presidential nomination, could use the FEC certificate promising the funds as collateral for loans.
The maximum amount a candidate could receive is currently estimated to be about $21 million.

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Nashua Telegraph: Several items of interest per McCain - Sept. 4 breakfast in Nashua, endorsements, etc.

On Sunday, August 26, the Nashua Telegraph published in an article titled “Defining costs of education,” no fewer than four items regarding Senator McCain. None of them were related to education, however.

Here are the excerpts, below. (Note: the section on the exhibit of NH primary history will undoubtedly devote some space to McCain’s landslide victory over George W. Bush in 2000…)

"Spreading the wealth

The father of a state law that says New Hampshire must hold the first presidential primary, Rep. James Splaine, D-Portsmouth, isn’t panicking about the move of the Michigan Senate last week to schedule a 2008 primary Jan. 15. Splaine said this could compel Iowa to accept fewer than the eight days it traditionally gets between the first caucus and the first primary here. Here is Splaine’s election calendar of the week:

• Iowa caucus: Saturday, Jan. 5.
• New Hampshire primary: Tuesday, Jan. 8.
• Michigan primary: Tuesday, Jan. 15.
• Nevada caucus and South Carolina primary: Saturday, Jan. 19.
• Florida primary: Tuesday, Jan. 29.
• Tsunami Tuesday (up to 20 state elections): Tuesday, Feb. 5.

Countering terror

Retired Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney will speak about the terrorist threat from radical Islam during a Manchester Republican City Committee-sponsored speech at the Institute of Politics on the campus of Saint Anselm College on Thursday night. McInerney is a co-author of the “Blueprint for Victory’’ in 2004 that detailed what he viewed as promising developments in a missile defense system he said could thwart the threat of nuclear weapons from Iran. Oh, yes, in the interest of full disclosure, McInerney donated $2,300 to the presidential campaign of U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz…

Primary history

You’ll want to catch a new exhibit on the state’s presidential primary tradition at the New Hampshire Historical Society’s library at 30 Park St. in Concord. There are five exhibits on voter participation, the success of low-financed campaigning, the role of the media, the engagement of local government and the primary in a historical context. Rath, Young and Pignatelli, Boston Private Value Investors, WMUR-TV and the New Hampshire Union-Leader of are sponsors. “With a highly informed and engaged voter population, a level playing field for a wide range of candidates and strong tradition of civil engagement, New Hampshire is a unique crucible for national candidate readiness that strengths the democratic principles upon which our nation is founded,’’ said Michael Chaney, president and CEO of the New Hampshire Political Library…

McCain has a tough time getting traction in the Hawkeye State, since he didn’t compete in 2000. He also has long railed against federal subsidies for ethanol, the corn-based fuel that has become a bumper crop for Iowa farmers thanks to the current energy bill…

More Clinton bashing

McCain went after Clinton last week for her conflicting comments on the war in Iraq. Clinton had said at the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention that the surge of troops was “working,’’ but later in the week she concluded the surge has “failed’’ and we need to start an immediate withdrawal of troops.

“The fact that the New York senator can reverse her position on an issue of grave
importance to our national security in a few days sends the wrong signal to our
enemies in Iraq and our own troops on the ground,’’ McCain said. “We must continue to support General Petraeus and the new counterinsurgency campaign to give us the best chance to succeed. Following the path to begin an ‘immediate withdrawal’ would be a grave mistake.”

McCain won the backing of several social conservatives last week.

Merrimack Rep. Maureen Mooney and Pam Colantuono of Manchester will co-chair a steering committee of these activists. Colantuono is the wife of U.S. Attorney Thomas Colantuono and had chaired evangelical outreach for President George W. Bush in the state during the 2004 campaign…

Breakfast with McCain

McCain will speak to business leaders at a Sept. 4 breakfast session in Nashua. The Business and Industry Association and N.H. Political Library are co-sponsoring the event, which is part of its National Leaders Forum series. Admission costs $30...

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